Hi.  My name is Rick Weiland and I approve this message because I think shutting down the government is a terrible idea and believe it or not, I’m the only Senate candidate who thinks that way.

Mike Rounds and the rest all say they would have voted with Senator Ted Cruz to shut us down. They apparently think it’s some kind of game.

Well Western South Dakota doesn’t think so and I don’t either.  

Ranchers who have lost their herds have no place to turn.  School kids are shut out of Head Start. And every family in America risks loss of their savings when political stunts like this threaten government default.

That’s why I pledged I will never vote to shut down our government because I don’t get my way on some other issue.

Please join me in respectfully requesting that Mike Rounds, and every other candidate for Federal office, pledge never to play this game again.

Go to rickweiland.com and sign our petition. 

Make them earn their paychecks so we can keep earning ours.

Thank you.

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